Step 1 About You

In this Step, we want to learn about you. You and your V-Partner can sit down together and go through the questions in this Step.

It is recommended before you start this section, you print the Jobseeker Workbook and the V-Partner Booklet from Getting Started.

A person describing the things in their life

Read below the questions for Step One. Your V-Partner can write your answers down using the Jobseeker Workbook or V-Partner Booklet. You also can use the ‘Answers and Script’ section found in the main menu. These will help later on.

We have some questions below for you to answer. Your V-Partner will ask you some questions too.

Lightbulb Idea


If you want a head start, feel free to write down some answers ahead of time. This may help you remember when you speaking with your V-Partner.

  • Stop at any point if a question gets a bit hard and go to another question.
  • Try to have an answer in each question if you can.
  • Don’t worry about having perfect answers or trying to guess what an employer wants from you.
  • This section is about the things your life has taught you. Later we will discuss how your life lessons could help an employer.
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Tell your V-Partner...

  1. What did you spend your week doing?

    This can include things like: Work (current employment), Sport, Group activities with friends or family, School or learning activities, Fun things you like to do with family and friends.

  2. What do you like about yourself?

    Example: Funny, kind, helpful, friendly, active, get things done even if takes a while (determined).

  3. What are you good at?

    Example: I’m good with people and like helping them, I work really well alone and once I learn something I remember it, I’m good with computers.

  4. Have you worked before? Tell us about this job?

  5. Do you have hobbies (like collecting something) or interests (like the AFL or music) that you can tell us about?

You are welcome to take a break if you want or continue to Step Two – Your Words