For the V-Partner

Below you will find some helpful suggestions on how to communicate with your jobseeker to ensure the best possible result.

Tips for Supporting your Jobseeker

Hear what was learnt and some helpful advice from the V-Partner to our four example V-Resumes. You can watch these four V-Resume examples in 'Getting Started'.

Step One and Step Two have a number of questions for your jobseeker to answer.

To reveal the jobseekers strengths and skills further, it is encouraged you ask the jobseeker some follow up questions. These may be around their actions, their ideal work environment, their personality or a random question.

What is the action?

You may ask your jobseeker for more information around the action of their work, sport or hobby. Example questions:

  • When you turn up for that activity (work, sport, hobby) that day, then what do you normally do next?
  • Talk me through your actions. You walk in the door, now what is next?
  • Were there jobs that was theirs alone?

What is the best working situation?

Some of your follow up questions may be about the work environment. Example questions:

  • Do they like working in groups or by themself?
  • Does the room need to be quiet or is louder work environment okay?
  • Do they like being able to work and still chat with other people or would that not be helpful to their work effectiveness?
  • Did they like moving around or would they prefer sitting still?
  • Shared work space versus own area/desk?
  • What did you know how to do naturally versus what you had to be taught?

Revealing a jobseeker's personality traits.

We all utilise our personality when doing certain jobs, sport or activities. Example questions to reveal your jobseeker's personality traits:

  • Do you have to be kind, hard-working, quiet, focussed, loud and enthusiastic ect in that job/sport/hobby?
  • Did you have any trouble turning up on time? Did you drive yourself or go via public transport?
  • Did you have to plan what you were going to do ahead of time? Was that easy for you?

Example questions unrelated to a specific situation:

  • How do you handle being in a bad mood?
  • What is something that no-one would guess about you?
  • What do you wish someone would ask about you?
While the Jobseeker answers questions, offer to write down their answers using the V-Partner Booklet, Jobseeker Workbook or type directly using the 'Answers and Script' printable section.
Be relaxed, friendly, patient and let them know you are truly listening by waiting until their answer is completed, then ask for any further information.

Thanks for supporting your jobseeker and have fun!