Step 6 Sharing your video

It is time to share your video with a potential employer.

Preseting yourself

How to share your video

How to create your own YouTube account

You will use YouTube to show your V-Resume to others. YouTube is safe and allows you to control who can see your V-Resume.

Watch and learn how to create your own YouTube account.

Uploading your V-Resume to YouTube

This is a safe and secure way of controlling who can see your video. Your YouTube account is run by you. You control the only copy that is available, which means only you can share it with others.

Watch and learn how to upload your V-Resume to YouTube, ready to share with a potential employer.

Captioning your V-Resume

It is important that your V-Resume has closed captioning, which is sometimes called subtitles. This will make it easier for your viewer.

Watch and learn how to caption your final V-Resume using your YouTube Studio account.

Protect your privacy

TEST to make sure your V-Resume is private and safe.

Send the V-Resume link via an email to your V-Partner, another friend or a family member first! Pretend as if you are applying for a job. Did it work? Get feedback about what you wrote in the email? See the next section for an example of what to write in an email to an employer.

Do a search on to see if you can find your V-Resume from a basic search. If you did find your video then watch again the the Step Six video, 'Uploading your V-Resume to YouTube'. Follow the steps to make sure you have your V-Resume as 'unlisted'.

How to Share

Email is the best way to share your finished V-Resume with a potential employer. It is recommended to still attach your normal written resume. In the main body of the email you can include the link to your V-Resume.

Here is an example email to a potential employer:

Dear [name of employer],

Please find attached my resume in application for [name of the job you are applying for].

Additionally you will find below a link to my V-Resume, a short 1-2 minute video introducing my skills and myself.

[cut and paste the YouTube link here]

Kind Regards,

[Your name and mobile]

Congratulations! You did it!


Well done on creating your V-Resume. Now it is time to get that job!