Getting Started

Welcome to a brand new way of introducing yourself to a potential employer, a V-Resume!

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Let's learn a bit more about Video Resumes. Click on the following to learn more

You can do this! It doesn’t matter if you have never made a video before, this website has it all.

There are lots of hints and tips along the way. Have fun and remember that in the end you will have a brand new way of introducing yourself to a potential employer, a V-Resume!

What is a V-Resumé?

A Video Resume (V-Resume) is a short 1-2 minute video about you that you can show an employer. The V-Resume gives you a chance to introduce yourself and your skills as a potential employee.

Each section has simple steps to follow including hints for both the jobseeker and the person or people that will be supporting you. This person or people are called a ‘V-Partner’.

What is a V-Partner?

A V-Partner is someone who supports you to create your V-Resume. You can have more than one person as your V-Partner. Your V-Partner could be:

  • Family
  • A friend
  • Someone supporting you in the community
  • Your employment consultant

Choose someone that:

  • You really trust
  • Knows you well
  • You feel comfortable talking to
  • Is happy to support you no matter how long it takes
  • Helpful if they have some computer skills

There is also a V-Partner booklet for the person supporting you. This V-Partner booklet is a guide on how to support the jobseeker in the planning and filming of the V-Resume.


Jobseeker Workbook and V-Partner Booklet

As a Jobseeker you will want to make a great V-Resume. The Workbooks below help you and the V-Partner know what is best to put in your final video. All the same questions are also on this V-Resume website. It is recommended to print these before you start.

For the Jobseeker – Read through the questions first. Answer some or all. This is very helpful before you start Step One and Step Two with your V-Partner.

Download Download Jobseeker Workbook1.2mb PDF

For the V-Partner – this Booklet has the questions but also lots for advice on how to bring out the best in the jobseeker. Highly recommended to read through before starting.

Download Download V-Partner Booklet1.3mb PDF
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Example Videos

Below are a number of completed V-Resumes from real jobseekers.

Each one had no previous experience creating a V-Resume. Like you, they used this website, watched the videos and used the Jobseeker Workbook and V-Partner Booklet to complete each Step.





6 steps to make your v-resumé

There are six Steps to creating your V-Resume as you may have watched in the Introduction Video. This V-Resume website has them all.

What you need to have with you...

Working on a laptop

You can do this!

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes, and this is going to be very new to many people. That is why jobseekers with different disabilities and their V-Partners tested this booklet first. Some had good computer skills, some had none and every person had never done this before! Trust that the steps will get you through.

Making a V-Resume has no time limits, lots of small steps and you don’t have to do this alone.

Start by choosing your V-Partner. Print the Workbooks and set up a time to meet to start talking about this V-Resume. This person or people will be so helpful and really make it fun!

Good luck and remember that this video will be good as long as it is the truth about you. You do have something to offer that is will be valuable to an employer.

Trust yourself and Trust the Process.