Answers and Script

In this section you can type in your responses in and print them out. Here you can write your answers for Step One, Step Two, Most Important responses and Step Three - Writing a Script.

Before you start, please read the rules under "Can I type my answers into this website?"

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Can I type my answers into this website?

YES! You can type your answers directly into this V-Resume website. The website remembers all your answers, so you can come back to it later and they will still be there.

For privacy reasons, it is highly recommended:

  • Do not use a public computer, like a library. If another person uses that computer to look up the V-Resume website, your answers will still be there.
  • Do not swap devices. For example: If you write your answers into your phone, it will not be available on your home computer. It does not transfer to a different device.

Once you have finished with the V-Resume website, delete all your answers. The website automatically saves your answers. You don't want your hard work to be seen by others. This is why you can print and save.


About You...

1. What did you spend your week doing?

This can include things like: Work (current employment), Sport, Group activities with friends or family, School or learning activities, Fun things you like to do with family and friends.

2. What do you like about yourself?

Example: Funny, kind, helpful, friendly, active, get things done even if takes a while (determined).

3. What are you good at?

Example: I'm good with people and like helping them, I work really well alone and once I learn something I remember it, I'm good with computers.

4. Have you worked before? Tell us about this job?

5. Do you have hobbies (like collecting something) or interests (like the AFL or music) that you can tell us about?

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Your Words...

1. What would your ideal job look like?

Think about what you like to do. Is it a loud or quiet environment? Are you around lots of people or working by yourself? What are you doing in this ideal job?

2. If you are happy to tell people about your disability, what would you like to tell the employer?

3. You are able and willing to work. Is there anything you want to tell the employer that would help you perform at your best?

4. Are there things about your life that you believe has made you a stronger person?

Example: "I was told I could never do something but I learnt anyway. I've been told no before but I kept trying. I am really considerate of other people and try to be kind all the time."

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First two Steps are almost complete! One more thing to do and you have completed the first two Steps.

Your Most Important Answers

Read through all your answers to Step One - About You and Step Two – Your Words. In each answer, what do you want the employer to know about you? Then highlight what you think is most important. Go to the 'What to do next' section near the end of Step Two for more information on what is meant by 'most important'.

Do you or your V-Partner notice a pattern? Are some words that are similar to others?

Pick your top four or five highlighted answers and we can use these in your V-Resume.


From Step Three – Writing a Script

You can use the below section to write your script and print it.

Start by using what you identified as 'Most Important'. You may notice that this section uses the same Timing layout from Step Three – Planning your Video. This is a guide only. Feel free to put your V-Resume in whatever order flows the best.