Step 2 Your Words

In this Step, we have a few more questions. This time it is about the type of job and work environment that suits you best. You will also discuss what you can offer an employer.

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Read below the questions for Step Two. Your V-Partner can write your answers down in the Jobseeker Workbook or V-Partner Booklet. You also can use the 'Answers and Script' section found in the main menu. These will help later on.

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  1. What would your ideal job look like?

    Think about what you like to do. Is it a loud or quiet environment? Are you around lots of people or working by yourself? What are you doing in this ideal job?

  2. If you are happy to tell people about your disability, what would you like to tell the employer?

  3. You are able and willing to work. Is there anything you want to tell the employer that would help you perform at your best?

  4. Are there things about your life that you believe has made you a stronger person?

    Example: "I was told I could never do something but I learnt anyway. I've been told no before but I kept trying. I am really considerate of other people and try to be kind all the time."



Have a drink and some food. Talk with you V-Partner about something completely different to the V-Resume. Then get ready to do the next section.

What to do next

Read through all your answers to Step One - About You and Step Two – Your Words. In each answer, what do you want the employer to know about you? Then highlight what you think is most important.

Remember that the Jobseeker Workbook, the V-Partner Booklet and the 'Answers and Script' menu option has a spot available to write your 'Most Important' responses. See below for what we mean by 'Most Important'.

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What do we mean when it says 'what is most important to you'?

Why you highlight something can be for many reasons. Below are some reasons that you may highlight an answer:

  • It's important to you that the employer knows your skills
  • That they know what makes you great to work with
  • What you like about yourself or what others say about you
  • Why you would be a great employee
  • How your life has taught you skills that will help in the workplace